IA & Malware’ Workshop

The Inria PIRAT project team is planning a workshop ‘IA&Malware’ hosted by CentraleSupelec Rennes Campus on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

This venue, funded by the targeted PEPR Cybersecurity project – DefMal , spans one day and is specifically dedicated to PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with a focus on AI applications in malware analysis. We extend a warm invitation to senior researchers in this domain to participate and contribute their advancements. The workshop encompasses a wide range of research topics, including but not limited to:

  • AI-based malware detection.
  • Malware family attribution / authorship identification using AI technologies
  • AI-aided code analysis and software test
  • Malware knowledge graph construction
  • Adversarial attacks against AI-based malware classification systems
  • Use of LLMs for malware classification and attribution and threat report generation
  • Ethnic issues in LLM-based code generation

  We are inviting attendees to prepare a 20-minute presentation of their research works under the theme ‘IA&Malware’, followed by a 10-minute Question & Answer session to engage with the audience. Additionally, we intend to invite senior researchers to deliver 1-hour technical or tutorial talks.

Please contact Dr.Yufei Han yufei.han@inria for more information / registration to the workshop.

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